Bloomfield letter: Raise wage

To the editor:

Look at your ballot for Nov. 5 and identify the bill that would raise the New Jersey minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.25. Proposed by our legislators, it would then be tied into the standard of living increase.

At, you can learn how economists agree that increases in the minimum wage make no significant impact on employment growth. Indeed, employers that pay a little more get the loyalty of their staff and don’t have to waste time continually training new workers.

A $1 in an extra wage spent by desperate workers re-circulates seven times in the local economy. States with a lot lower standard of living that have raised their minimum wage to as much as $10 have seen their economy prosper much more than New Jersey.

If you are concerned about your bottom line, consider that you are subsidizing the minimum wage workers with your taxes toward food stamps and emergency care.

As the minimum wage buying power has lost 30 percent since 1961 while prices have gone up, it is the right thing to do. Back our legislators and vote for the minimum wage.

Susan Mullins

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