Editorial: 'Yes' on New Jersey wage increase question

By. South Jersey Times

Working people at the bottom of the ladder in New Jersey need a raise. The only way they’ll get a meaningful one is if voters say “yes” Tuesday to State Question 2.

It’s sad that the state constitution must be used as a mechanism for a long-overdue, $1-an-hour increase. But the legislative Democrats’ dawdling over minimum wage legislation, followed by Gov. Chris Christie’s veto offering a stingy 33-cent raise each year for three years, shows just how vulnerable to political whims this portion of our work force can be.

The value of $7.25 an hour has eroded significantly since the last time this floor wage, which now matches the federal minimum, was increased in 2006. Linking future increases automatically to the consumer price index, as the amendment would do, takes politics out of the mix and ensures that pay will not fall too far behind price increases.
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