Letter: Minimum wage lift a reason to vote in N.J. in November

By South Jersey Times

To the Editor:

With all the political talk about the special U.S. Senate election and the governor’s race, many have overlooked that one of the most important things about this fall’s election is the opportunity to raise the minimum wage in New Jersey. This will be one of those rare chances for the voters to really decide what should be done.

Democrats in the Legislature went around Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s opposition and put their minimum wage proposal on the Nov. 5 ballot, so the voters can not only raise the minimum wage, they can guarantee that the wage goes up automatically when the cost of living increases. Automatic adjustments are important because they reflect actual consumer costs and don’t rely on politicians and politics to decide whether or when to raise the minimum.

We’ve seen what happens when that’s the case: Nothing.

So, I encourage everyone to get the word out that one of the best reasons to vote this year is to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage.

Carlie Voros

Pittsgrove Township

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